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Single Side Coated Tapes
Double Side Coated Tapes
Protective Films
We supplied several types of protective films

1. Low tack protective film
2. Ultra clear protective film
3. Bubble free protective film
4. Anti Scratch protective film
5. Anti Glare anti scratch protective film
EMI/Conductive Materials
Adhesive Transfer Tape
1. Good conformance to any surface
2. This can be built with flame-retardant feature and halogen free
3. Thickness starting from 0.035mm upto 0.125mm
4. Good for laminating for thick and non-bendable material
5. Non-oozing
UV Tape
Our UV Tape is primarily used as a temporary carrier for items and those items are very fragile and easy to break. We have two types of substrate - PO and PE. These tapes are used in the silicone wafer, lens, etc.
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